Recharging your home soda machine just got easier with SodaKING

SodaKING is the world's newest and most innovative manufacturer of home soda systems. Available at over 1200+ locations around Australia.

100% compatible with all brands of home soda water makers, including SodaStream

Swap-and-go at over 1,200 local newsagencies

Each canister makes 60L of carbonated water

Find a SodaKING stockist near you

The highest quality, lightweight aluminium CO2 cylinders

Reduce landfill by reducing plastic bottle purchases

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Never run out of soda water or sparkling soft drinks again

Who loves SodaKING?

"Getting my soda maker refills from my newsagency is much more convenient than having to drive to the supermarket to exchange them. What a great idea!"

Greg, Bondi, NSW

"My family goes through 2-3 gas canisters a month, so being able to swap them out at my local newsagent instead of going all the way to the shopping center has saved me so much time and money."

Brandon, Fremantle, WA

"We love sparkling water at home and now I never run out because I can get SodaKING cylinders just around the corner! It’s so easy!"

Christine, Hampton, VIC

Soda water with lime

Making soda at home with SodaKING

Keeping hydrated is essential for good health. But let's face it. Plain water can be boring. Get fizzical with SodaKING and turn ordinary tap water into something sparkling!

Citrus cocktails

Top Tip:

Keep pre-filled bottles of tap water in the fridge so you can make refreshing, icy cold soda water and soft drinks in a flash! Perfect for those warm summer days. And a party season essential for making mixers for your favourite spirits and cocktails.

How to exchange a used soda canister

Exchanging used soda canisters is simple and convenient

Empty bottle

Grab your empty canister

SodaKING CO2 canisters are compatible with all brands of home soda water makers

Empty bottle

Visit a participating newsagency

You can now find SodaKING canister refills at your local newsagency.

Empty bottle

Swap and go

Keeping your soda maker charged and ready for action just got a whole lot easier

Find a SodaKING stockist near you